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Dan Willis is one of the Disclosure Project's twenty Top Secret military witnesses that testified at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2001 in front of every major media, an event that should have changed the world but was manipulated by a controlled media. He explains the history of how a secret government operating illegally within our National Security system has maintained control of the media and secrecy for over 50 years. He served in the US Navy as a high speed code operator at the Naval Communication Station in San Francisco as well as combat action in Vietnam. An ex-radio broadcast engineer and ABC newsman, Dan has taken a keen interest in how the media has withheld disclosure of the full message to the public, a message based on the hundreds of credible military and intelligence witness testimonies.



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A Brief Chronological Sequence of Events

Acquisition - Military accesses ET technology

Corporations reverse engineering of ET technology discovers and releases to the public sector some of these technologies according to Colonel Philip J. Corso yet free energy sources, anti-gravity etc. are withheld from public release due to National Security Issues.

AUDIO – Acquisition - Lovekin 1m55s     1947

Lost Control - Our legal government got sold out

Corporations controlled by the Secret Government utilize our National Security System to usurp control through the use of Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP) to maintain the control of the dissemination of technologies which threaten their existing energy empires and geopolitical control.

President Eisenhower was aware that he got "sold out" and knew it was not going to be in the best hands. In his last speech before leaving office attempted to warn the public of the potential for the disastrous rise of unwarranted influence and misplaced powers within the Industrial Military Complex.

AUDIO – Lost Control - Lovekin 42s     1954
AUDIO – Lost Control – Eisenhower 42s    1961

New Control Maintained – Secret Government maintains it's secrecy

High Level Secrecy is maintained through operatives in every branch and at all costs

AUDIO – Threats – Lovekin 19s
AUDIO – Threats – Morris 1m9s
AUDIO – Threats – Weygandt 1m28s
AUDIO – Threats – Jacobs 18s

Their Expansion Plan - Through False Flag Ops

The consortium of corporations of the Industrial Military Complex controlled by the Secret Government in order to expand requires continual enemies and weaponization in which False Flag operations have been used to perpetuate the need for wars and weapons, with the "Last Card" being a hoaxed extraterrestrial threat according to Wernher Von Braun spokesperson Dr. Carol Rosin.

AUDIO – Last Card – Rosin 58s
AUDIO – Last Card – Reagan 23s     1987
AUDIO – Last Card – McCandlish 23s

Incident CIA - DCI Exposes Access Denied

President Clinton’s DCI James Woosley after being denied access into this subject at the request of the president, has a meeting with Dr. Greer which prompts Dr. Greer to begin the Witness Archival Project collecting over 400 military/Intel witnesses, since disclosure can not effectively come from any single individual witness within the govt, military, intelligence or corporate agency.

Witnesses testify that at least 2 presidential administrations have been denied access

AUDIO – Denied Access – Sheehan 31s

Public Disclosure - An attempt to regain control through public awareness

In 2001 at the National Press Club Washington DC, 20 witnesses willing to testify under oath to have a congressional hearing.

The following was disclosed in front of major media with 22 cameras in the back row

+ Our Legal Government being Denied Access with Proof from two Presidential Administrations
+ The ET civilizations have not shown hostility, have only shut down our nuclear weapons.
+ We have witnesses involved in targeting and shooting down ET craft and retrieving them
+ 57 different ET species have been cataloged according to retrieval team member Sgt Clifford Stone.
+ An Alien base on the dark side of the moon was visually witnessed by Karl Wolfe USAF at NSA Facility
+ NASA sanitizes information to the public according to NASA employee Donna Hare
+ No Legal Oversight to Unacknowledged Black Rogue projects taking in many billions a year.
+ Technologies that could end Energy & Environmental Crisis has been hidden in these black projects
+ Alien Reproduction Vehicles exist within these projects as testified by Mark McCandlish
+ A hoaxed extraterrestrial threat is planned according to Wernher Von Braun spokesperson Dr. Carol Rosin

AUDIO - NPC- Greer 7m23s 2001       Long Version NPC- Greer 8m55s
AUDIO – NPC - Testimonies 6m47s   Witnesses Callahan, Salas, Maynard, Wolfe, Hare, Stone
AUDIO – NPC – Willis 45s (Optional)

Mainstream Media - Continued sanitation and media control

The reporting said that "We are not alone" is the disclosing message which we are asking for a congressional hearing on. The reporting essentially only conveys the reality of ETs and UFOs, the mainstream media carefully editing all other elements and the only section of speech that was broadcasted is "these objects of extraterrestrial origin have been tracked on radar going thousands of miles per hour, stopping and making right hand turns"

A reported message which would surely not warrant a congressional hearing, but would only put the possibility of ETs/UFOs into the reality of it's listeners.

DOCUMENT - CIA Media Control    1991
NSA List of 42 Media Executives according to Daniel Sheehan

AUDIO – Media - CNN 1m43s    2001
AUDIO – Media - CBS 1m26s

Conclusion - Holding our mainstream media services accountable

We must hold our mainstream media reporting services accountable such as CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX etc.

This is the broken link that does not bring this extremely critical to all humanity issue into mainstream public awareness. Otherwise the situation will continue to perpetuate in the direction it has been going, as it has done now for well over 50 years.

We could have a new world if everyone could become aware, not only the internet but through our mainstream media as well to stop the lies and manipulation of these rogue operations which benefit the few at the cost of the many.

People must understand the nature of how this situation has evolved and how and why it has been controlled and what the implications are to all of humanity if this is properly disclosed.

It is time.


Past Media TV & Radio Shows

The Radio shows I've done and continue to do, are for the purpose of getting the truth out to the public regarding the Disclosure Project's entire issue, which does not get fully disclosed in the mainstream media.   I wish to thank the following private broadcasting services for helping to get the message out.    I hope you find the content of the shows informative. 










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Our perception of Extraterrestrial beings as formed by Hollywood



Some Talking Points

Below are some talking points which Coast to Coast requested which you may find useful


1 How and Why did you get involved in the Disclosure Project?

2 At what point did you come into the realization that this was just not another government conspiracy theory to get personally involved with the Disclosure Project?

3 What was your testimony in Washington regarding?

4 Were you concerned about breaking your National Security Oath?

5 What did you think was going to happen after the National Press Club event?

6 I understand you used to be an ABC newsman, how did you feel the media covered the Press Club event?

7 I understand you met with Senators and Congress people on Capital Hill after the event, what was their response?

8 I understand you went on the Disclosure campaign tour with Dr. Greer in the western major cities, what was the response like?

9 How did the local media cover the event in each city?

10 I understand you setup a free online fax on the site, how many faxes have gone to our representatives?

11 What has been the response of the president and representatives to these fax letters?

12 Do you think judging from the response letters to these faxes of from the majority of representatives think about this issue?

13 Why do you think the media doesn't cover the entire story, or attempt to discredit the subject with the giggle factor?

14 Why do you think the major media which covered the press club event only stated we wanted to tell congress that "we are not alone"?

15 Do you think it is possible for these black ops to create an extraterrestrial threat false flag event as Dr. Rosin testified?

16 What do you think the average person thinks about this issue?

17 What do you think the public perception is of off planet cultures or ETs?

18 Do you think people want to know the truth or can handle the truth about illegal secret government operations?

19 How would you hope disclosure would affect life on earth?

20 How has your involvement in this changed your perception of the world?

21 I understand you were one of the Technical Advisors for Dr. Greer's Space Energy Access Systems what has been your experience with inventors and their energy devices?

22 What do you think that people can do to change the course of these illegal operations and help disclose the truth to the public?